Strategic opportunities for your business to serve your community in this critical time of global humanitarian crisis

Winusafi is a technology created exclusively to boost the economy, the power and reach of the platform give daring entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to create their own business opportunities based on the visionary operating principle of winusafi.

Basic principle or guiding principle of operation

Winusafi is a technology that promotes meetings and exchanges between trader and buyer by taking into account all the parameters that come into play in trade: a trader of products or services and a single consumer of these products or services. the two parties meet and exchange without using physical resources.


Oppotunities through collaborations.

The world of today and tomorrow is, in our opinion, a world of success thanks to an itelligence of work centered on sharing and collaboration, this one of the main reasons for the choice of our technology centered on collaboration and sharing instead of a 100% e-commerce technology, we killed several birds with a stone, it all depends on the beneficiary's involvement.

The rest of your reading will show you how we have implemented an innovative operating technique to enable entrepreneurs to create a profitable activity by becoming a partner and by offering winusafi services to their community..

Business introducer

Become a business contributor, you know a company that has products, or maybe your friend, or a family member who owns a business, earn money by only putting us in contact with it.
Make money as simply as possible,


Do you own a business, do you want a unique, reliable and easy-to-use way to sell your products? It's good not to have too many customers at your place, it allows you to gain productivity. winusafi is the rare pearl of the trade, we designed it for this, here you will create a unique and large sales space for your trade. and you will enjoy an entire ecosystem .


Are you a serious and rigorous agency specializing in Internet commerce? You have everything to gain by making winusafi your specialty for providing business services to entrepreneurs in your region and your sector of activity.

In the history of creating ecommerce software, we are the first to think directly of you.
Well yes, we are the only ones to have built a tool to boost your activity and your profitability.
Entrepreneurs in your area need winusafi to create value in their business, but they need you to succeed in this unique and great way.


You are a great entrepreneur and you are looking for fast and efficient means of distribution to sell your products, we have designed an entire ecosystem with agencies closer to you, which are in partnership with winusafi very well mastering your sector of activities and your distribution region, it will put at your disposal means and their expertise in the field to sell your products as quickly and efficiently as possible on winusafi.


Being an entrepreneur with no money to start? Well yes, we want a world with all possible opportunities, and this has become more possible with winusafi. You can create a profitable business almost without money, by doing Drop Shopping. You can sell products without having stocks and without having capital in your pocket. To do this, contact a winusafi partner agency located in your region, this partner will tell you all the opportunities you have to create a real business enterprise.


Our strength is and will always remain in the ability to create and show opportunities to everyone. Can you offer delivery services to people around you who buy on the different winusafi markets? it would be a great way to make money while doing a great service for your community, you can offer your own delivery services or join another program, by contacting vendors or agencies near you.


The world of commerce and entrepreneurship is so wonderful, but also unique, that it requires training. And it is also a very great opportunity for entrepreneurs specializing in training or coaching..

Are you an expert on a subject or field related to trade or sales? Do you live in an area where people want to know more about Internet commerce? Add Winusafi as a subject in your training and offer practical training to entrepreneurs in your region and earn money while living on your passion

Collective work scheme

As mentioned above, winusafi brings together e-commerce and consumers, but to adapt to the reality on the ground, to the current constraints of transactions, allow both parties to be safe, and achieve the overall vision which is to allow everyone or whether he is on earth to benefit from the ecosystem, we have set up a work or exploitation plan which involves several actors: Internet business agencies, product and service providers, auto-entrepreneurs or resellers of products and services and ultimately we need to reach the end consumers

The vision of the founder of wina tech solutions, the start-up behind winusafi has never changed since his childhood: "I validate my projects if they meet 2 sine qua non conditions: the project must be an opportunity for many and a source of creation of wealth for all "as we find on his Linkedin profile, this is what clearly expresses his passion for a 100% win-win world, his investment choices in community technologies, and what explains this operating scheme above, which allows another person to also create opportunities and wealth for others or that he is on earth