You are our chef, we work hard on every detail to make your experience both better and unique

To be able to make purchases, on winusafi, you must create an account, it will take you less than a minute, once your account is created, you will be able to buy, chat with merchants and other buyers, evaluate products and more

Just for you

winusafi is a platform that connects you to the stores of your choice, once your account is created you have access to the stores closest to you where you can order and be delivered quickly on the items available

According to your financial possibilities and your living conditions, you can buy anywhere in the world with certified traders, and all this without having to travel, all the shops available on winusafi make home delivery.

Get closer to each economic player in your region by talking to them. each store has a discussion area, so you can learn more about each company, workers and more.

Winusafi has a powerful news tool that allows you to have all the economic news from your entourage and from around the world to help you make the right decisions before making purchases.

You want help before making your choices, there are link features on winusafi, which allow you to consult a loved one to help you, support you in your purchases on winusafi

Thanks to the categorization of articles, you can filter your search to find the product that best suits your needs and financial means.

Winusafi does not act as an intermediary between you and the entrepreneurs, which means that you have the possibility to conform to the culture of each company, to build relationships and to take advantage of the advantages that the company offers

An efficient and flexible notification system is integrated into your account to inform you of all the activities taking place in your economic world.

Built with passion and love

Designed to make cities stronger

At winusafi, we firmly believe that every city, no matter what the level of urbanization, has a few things to offer the world, a few things to share with other cities, and that can only be possible with technology capable of give equitable access to all actors taking into account the context of their situation, but also the commonalities that unite them

we know that success is contaminated, cities, as well as their inhabitants always have a useful production for themselves and for other cities. this is why we have opted for a technology that promotes a permanent exchange between players around the world.

Designed to be accessible everywhere

The biggest challenge to make e-commerce accessible to everyone, in the richest cities as well as in poor or developing cities, is to build a technology capable of adapting to users, and winusafi has succeeded in this bet, by putting on the market a more advanced application, but which adapts to all types of screens, each application designed is directly designed to offer a better experience to all users, whether you use winusafi, via a computer, tablet or phone , you have almost the same experience

Designed for everyone

Public, private institutions, personalities, NGOs are fighting to give Internet access to all, this is an action that we strongly support at winusafi, this is why we have built a tool for everyone, regardless of races, borders, sectors of activity and even social conditions. We have built a technology as we welcome companies and actors who, together, will solve problems from the simplest to the most complex and will offer products and services to all

Easy to manage

Manage your account, create your profile, update your information at any time

Specially designed to offer you simple and efficient management.
Creating a winusafi takes only a few minutes, it's quick and easy. all information is managed by you

Access your account settings, you can manage your username, only you have the power to manage your email address and password

A dashboard that looks like all the activities you need in one place and that are available in the timeline

You have a profile that allows you to manage relationships to make the most of the strength of collective intelligence, You can create contacts with your loved ones and economic players in your region

Choose what you can see and what you don't want to see, decide who can contact you and who cannot contact you, you can easily manage everything about yourself, what your contacts can see and what they don't can't see, you manage your communication

Does your business operate here? you have all the power to join your company at any time and even to leave without losing your data and your personal account, depending on the authorizations you can manage it without without canceling your usual account

Share your shopping experience with the sharing tool, which will allow you to have a positive impact in your community and benefit from the recognition of your loved ones.