We are convinced that a simple Internet connection can positively change the life of every person on earth, and it is our duty to build a unique technology capable of connecting all economic opportunities.

We are working hard to build powerful tools to connect families and economic opportunities on a large scale and with great impact, by:

By being a unique tool for entrepreneurs

We work with entrepreneurs who want to sell products and services to their communities as easily as possible and who don't need to make big investments to start serving their loved ones. With winusafi, we are starting to sell with the means at our disposal

Winusafi is the simplification of trade

By supporting everyone's sense of life

We help everyone to complete their daily errands in record time, because we are convinced that if there is one thing we all have to save, it is time, once time is lost it never returns. By buying on winusafi, you will save much more time than we usually waste by visiting physical stores, and this time will be used for much more important things than shopping.

winusafi is the simplification of life

Our principles and values

We build great ideas and hope for great achievements based on its principles and values, we defend them and we firmly believe in them. They guide us


We firmly believe in a transparent internet towards all the actors involved and for winusafi, being transparent towards each stakeholder in our stories is a priority. We like everyone to know what they expect from us and what we also expect from them


We want to succeed, we want to win, of course. but by integrating into our ethics, our motivations, our ideologies, and our commitments internally and externally


While being transparent and honest, we are committed behind noble causes to have an impact on the economic and social success of people who believe in our actions and once a decision respecting our ethics is made, our commitment is total

Vision and mission


We are convinced that it is us that history has chosen to write the next true and authentic story of an e-commerce with a direct positive impact on the social of each person.


Our mission is to connect each person to the daily opportunities of the market


Winusafi is the current version of the winakeys.com project, which was a universal directory of global economic opportunities, created by Hans Moj from his student room at the University of Lubumbashi. (for a while the winakeys.com domain was acquired by another company).

June 2019, the project adopts the winakeys.net extension.

On February 05, 2020, winusafi.com is launched from the family home of its founder Hans Moj, taking all the capabilities of Winakeys and adding all the other features to become a modern electronic shopping center.


Hans Moj

Founder et Administrator