Terms of Service
Conditions d'utilisations

Winusafi is a high-tech tool originally designed to fight global warming and unsanitary conditions, but for now, it has been cropped to fight against the spread of coronavirus in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in some African countries .
Anyone can use winusafi.com in the fight against the spread of coronavirus, however by following a few conditions and rules:

Minors must use the site under the supervision of their parents or guardians.

Conditions of use according to COVID-19

E-commerce on Winusafi
-To make a purchase, sale or reservation or any other commercial action, you must be resident in one of the regions covered by the markets or local authorities already registered on Winusafi.
-Have filled in all the information necessary to exercise an action in relation to trade on winusafi. This information must be precise and exact. You must have authorization from your local authorities or be approved by the Winusafi identity verification team
-Respect without exception all health and safety measures taken by international, national and local authorities, as well as the recommendations of winusafi

Be honest and respect your commitments to stakeholders

General rules :

winusafi.com is a place that brings together people from around the world who are there to chat, sell and learn. We have built a tool to host meaningful discussion that is relevant and beneficial to everyone. With this in mind, we invite everyone to join community discussions in a way that is relevant and beneficial to others.

The following rules help everyone on winusafi.com to live a safe and productive life:

.Be gender and respectful

Engage constructively with others. We assume that everyone on WINUSAFI is there to make the platform a great resource - users come from diverse backgrounds, beliefs and opinions. It is normal to disagree, but please be civil, respectful and considerate of other members, this includes all members of the WINUSAFI team.

No hate speech

WINUSAFI is a place for discussion around different subjects, but in particular on COVID-19 for the moment and trade in Africa to provide communities with essential elements during this pandemic - WINUSAFI does not tolerate content that attacks or disparages an individual or a group based on race, sex, religion, nationality, ethnicity, political group, sexual orientation or the like. Any generalization on these subjects should be as neutral as possible.

No harassment or intimidation.

Abusive behavior directed against individuals and organizations is not allowed. This includes WINUSAFI employees and the company in general. Repeated and unwanted contact is a form of harassment. There is no minimum service guarantee with winusafi.com - it is a free space where announcements can be made, advice given and questions asked.

Discussions around the use of WINUSAFI applications are welcome, but if you are not satisfied with a product or result, please avoid disparaging the WINUSAFI team in your remarks, we are all looking for constructive results and personal attacks will not be tolerated.

Be positive and determined in your communications

People use this platform to ask and answer questions on multiple topics. If you have a meaningful question that needs an answer, ask it! If you feel you can answer a question usefully, please answer! But in your questions and answers, please avoid the use of sarcasm or misleading information, keep in mind that many people use this platform in French or English. therefore, sarcasm could be misinterpreted and misleading information can lead to significant surveillance by others.